Concrete Patios in Lively, ON

For a concrete patio like no other, Brock Construction is the name to remember. We are Lively, ON’s premier concrete patio contractor, promising top-quality results for every customer who comes our way. We offer a full range of repair, maintenance, and installation services, ensuring no one has to go without our skill and expertise.

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Brock Construction: The Experts in Concrete Patio Construction

Passion, drive, and years of experience have pushed us to be the best at concrete patio construction. Our team combines state-of-the-art equipment with the latest in application techniques, ensuring we meet the highest standards in the industry. 

On every job, we promise:

  • Commercial-grade building materials
  • Extended product warranties
  • Personalized designs and service solutions
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Your complete satisfaction!

Every job benefits from our experience, knowledge, and professional expertise. We provide skillful project management by overseeing every stage of the job with a meticulous eye for detail, making sure all work proceeds according to plan and ahead of schedule. During the job, we make ourselves available to help the client with executive decisions, design choices, or any concerns that may arise. Your needs are our priority.

Concrete Patio Repairs: Done Fast and Built to Last

We provide an extensive range of concrete patio repair services, all specially designed to ensure maximum performance. From surface cracks to structural repairs, we can help with any problem your patio may be experiencing.

We start with a comprehensive inspection of the area in question. Using advanced detection equipment, we get to the root of the problem quickly and effectively. That way, we can perform a complete repair that gives your patio a new lease on life.

Our repair services include:

  • Crack repair
  • Concrete sealing
  • Concrete lifting, re-setting, and mud jacking

Patio Resurfacing Services

For Beauty, Quality, and Durability

Resurfacing your concrete patio is an incredibly cost-effective way to give a fresh appeal to your existing patio. Doing so will cover up any imperfections without having to replace the entire concrete slab. By choosing us to resurface your concrete, you’ll be able to enjoy a stylish new aesthetic for your patio, as well as extra strength and protection against the elements. We can also add a decorative touch or two by customizing the texture, color, and design of your patio’s finish. Give us your ideas, and we’ll be sure to realize them.

Stained Concrete

Staining your concrete is a quick and cost-effective way to add a bit of flair to your outdoor space. By applying a water-based product to your existing concrete and then a sealer, we can transform your grey concrete into a vibrant, colorful addition to your outdoor space. From drab to fab, it’s as easy as 1-2-3 when you choose us.

Stamped Concrete

Color is not the only way that we can add a unique look to your outdoor patio. By stamping your concrete, we can completely transform your patio so that it resembles brick, stone, or tiles—all at a fraction of the cost of the original material. The pattern is imprinted shortly after the concrete has been poured and is then treated with vibrant colors to accentuate the effect.

Lively, ON’s Finest Poured Concrete Patios

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Experience the many benefits that come along with a backyard concrete patio. Our experts are qualified to deliver the best results possible, and we guarantee to leave you satisfied with your outdoor patio.

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